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I have been an active Tzu Chi USA volunteer for multiple years. I served at food banks for low-income families, patients, and the homeless, as well as participated in food distributions for the Tzu Chi Mobile Food Pantry. I volunteer annually at their Back to School Kick Off Distribution. Last year, I worked in the mobile food pantry section where I handed out fresh produce to families in need. This year, I worked in the cash card section where I learned a lot more. During the free event, families go to different sections, each designated for a different purpose and my section was to hand out $200 cash cards for each child in a family that is enrolling in school. Not all of the families that came spoke fluent English-most of them actually were did not speak or understand English. Luckily for me, I also know how to speak Spanish and Chinese so I was able to communicate with them. I really enjoyed this job because I was able to apply some of my different skills. I wrote a 45-page research paper on the impact of poor dental care in early childhood and developed a two-step solution. Click below to learn more!

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Tzu Chi


I have been a Junior Ambassador of Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles (CHLA) since 2016. CHLA is a non-profit, pediatric academic medical center and helps children in critical condition who need life-saving care. As a CHLA Junior Ambassador, I am responsible for participating in quarterly committee meetings, raising awareness on pediatric health issues, planning various fundraising events, and volunteer hours. I donated three Go Karts for CHLA to serve patients at the hospital in 2017, and I have raised more than $10,000 each year in their Action Day Fundraiser. In addition, I have participated in their speaking engagements at various public events. I have also volunteered in the Literally Healing Program, which provides a safe environment for children because it helps distract their minds form worries of the hospital, helps with their healing process, and promote academic success. Becoming a Junior Ambassador at CHLA was one of the best decisions I have ever made because helping and volunteering to help others has always been something I enjoy to do in my free time and being a part of CHLA provides me a way to do more good for our community and help others while at the same time, do what I love.  



I worked as an assistant in the administration office at the Tzu Chi Medical Center. In addition, I also participated in their COVID-19 Vaccination Drive in May of 2021 and served over 400 patients in lower income communities. The experience was really eye opening for me as I got to work behind the scenes of how the registration process and filing of personal information works. Working with Tzu Chi has probably been one of my most accomplishing experiences as it has allowed me to interact with people from all different backgrounds as well as utilize all my different languages.



I was invited to be a special guest speaker for the topic Heart visitors: The Transmission of Love” to share philanthropic leadership and views. They reached out to me due to the video I made, Leaders of Tomorrow, which won a CFGL award as well as the impactful work I've done in my community with Madhatter Knits and other activities. During this radio show, I was able to use the Chinese I have been learning at school for the past 5 years and put my speaking skills to the test! 


This is the link to the episode,


In September of 2020, I was interviewed by TVBS for my philanthropic work on designing and creating the newborn face shields during COVID-19. They asked me about how I designed and engineer the shields as well as what challenges I faced.

This is the link to recording



Separate from Madhatter Knits, I also work with Compassionate Colorado to provide larger handknitted beanies to local Native communities in the four corners area especially during the colder winter months. These beanies are critical for especially children as they face harsh weather when the season changes.

Compassionate Colorado


I have been a Peer to Peer member since 10th grade, so I am skilled in active listening and being a peer mentor for the school community by promoting awareness on mental and physical health for students. Through Peer to Peer, I have gained a stronger understanding of the complexities and diversity of human thought and behavior. As a member of Peer to Peer, I help organize school-wide events, such as Love Your Body, informing the student body on issues regarding mental health and body positivity/neutrality. I helped organize and participate in the drop-in sessions/office hours during COVID-19, and I am also often in charge of Peer to Peer's social media/marketing endeavors.



This year I was a Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) Delegate and was chosen to be a peer facilitator, leading group discussions about implementing effective strategies for racial justice. As an SDLC delegate, I was a member of the panel that debriefed about experiences at NAIS People of Color Conference as well as discusses what parents, staff, and administration can do to help increase diversity and acceptance in the Westridge community. After returning from SDLC, I have facilitated meetings with campus staff and faculty to discuss the importance of the work of DEIJ in our school both professionally and personally. I also organized and spoke at a school-wide assembly about what I learned at the conference as well as facilitated conversations and activities to raise awareness about

I am also a Student Voices member because I am really passionate about social justice. I have organized events and created presentations to inform the student body on different aspects of diversity. In addition to planning these events, I am responsible for Student Voices' social media and marketing purposes by digital designing. 



During my time volunteering at Field Elementary School, I worked volunteered in a Chinese classes and Math classes. I graded multiple tests and helped children with classwork problems. For me the most challenging part was grading the students tests after they had finished and only a few did fairly well. While I was grading the tests, I also noticed many students left a whole page or two blank without filling them out. Even though I am not the teacher of the class, I empathized with them and the teacher because I realized how difficult it is to teach and learn well at such a big public school with so many students in one class. From attempting to teach students and grading their tests, I realized how difficult it may be for both the students and teachers to learn and teach well at a public school with so many students in the class.



Babysitting has given me the most experience working with kids. I babysit all the time, and I love building connections with families through my work with them. My love for babysitting inspired me to do volunteer work with Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) as well as become a Junior Ambassador for them. It directly helped me find my passion for early childcare. I have done over 200 hours of babysitting.



Visiting Door of Hope and interacting with the families and workers really opened my eyes to the privileges I have. Often we take for granted the things that come easily to us, especially at places like Westridge. At the Door of Hope, you see everyone chipping in: adults and kids, everyone works together.



I sorted, organized, and stocked their pantry with canned and fresh food items collected from a food drive I held. I had to check each item to make sure only certain ones went out onto the floor and the rest stayed in the back in an organized manner. I definitely felt a level of pressure around this task because making mistakes can result in their whole week's system being off. Most people who do not directly benefit from their services are often unaware of what they do and how important they are to so many families. As I continue to get to know Friends in Deed's staff, I look forward to being able to distribute my cookbooks and preform my cooking demonstration for their clients. 



I have been an Admission Ambassador for Westridge since 10th grade. As an Admission Ambassador, I am responsible for conducting campus tours, meeting and greeting prospective students, families, alumni, and special guests, supporting Student Life and Leadership department events, and presenting the school at off-campus events as needed. I love being an Admission Ambassador because I get to talk and get to know new children and families and introduce to them what I love about my school. Once, I toured a little girl in 5th grade and later on, once she got into Westridge, she told me that I was her inspiration for coming to Westridge. I was so so touched by her words. 


I was an art ambassador for my school in 10th grade. I had the privilege of touring and educating prospective families about Westridge's amazing arts programs including ceramics, potters wheels, photography, and more! I love representing my school's arts programs because art has always been an outlet for me to express myself creatively. This opportunity allows me to inspire others to see the beauty and importance of art.

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I started taking lessons and learning how to play the Chinese Zither, or Guzheng in Mandarin, when I was 10 years old. Every year I would perform in my school's talent show and fundraise for many events by playing traditional (or sometimes even modern) music representing my Asian culture. It amazed me how ONLY 21 strings could make so many different yet beautiful notes. It connected me more with my Asian background and my grandma, especially because I would frequently watch Chinese operas with her when I was younger. This picture is when participated in the CMTANC International Youth Music Competion in 2014 and won first place!



I love the people and the toddlers, and it’s such an amazing environment in general. Organizations like this are so, so important because you can see children's perspectives on the world forming right in front of you. I feel like I'm making an impact, and yet my hands are full of dirt, my khaki Westridge skirt is stained with some kind of food, and little hands are forcing my fingers around dolls and tiny shovels. I get to be a kid again, and it's the most rewarding thing. Everyone is constantly singing songs – in Spanish, English, painfully out of tune from tone-deaf two-year-olds. 



Starting from 2020, I partnered with Child Christ Society to make Labor Preparation Bags for pregnant women in low-income communities. Each bag contains everything a woman needs to prepare for a new child including diapers, baby hats, hygienic items, blankets, to even clothes. 

Child Christ Society
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