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My journey to embracing her Asian roots and becoming an engineer and entrepreneur was not a linear path. I was born and raised in Los Angeles with a family that encourage cultural pride and identity. Growing up with her grandma as the matriarch of the family, I have always had deep ties with her Taiwanese and Asian roots. However, as a young Asian American, I constantly faced discrimination towards not only her Asian identity but also towards her gender that made me feel silenced and ashamed of my heritage in grade school. For many years, these experiences made me feel voiceless; rather than standing up for myself, I decided to bury myself in academics, hoping to eventually prove myself.

As I grew up and decided to attend an all-girls high school, I slowly realized that these painful experiences, didn't define me. Instead, they ignited a fierce determination to use her voice for those who felt voiceless.I began to seek every opportunity to empower myself by becoming a leader in communities I resonated with. I began and grew my own international nonprofit, got involved in leadership councils, while still focusing on my education.

Now, as a student at Stanford University interested in business, engineering, and innovation, I aims to use my platform as a source of inspiration for those who are going through a similar journey. My challenges, upbringing, and experiences as Miss Taiwanese American and Miss Asia USA nurtured my ability to empathize across diverse cultures and individuals. It became my mission to utilize my platform and interest in engineering management to create meaningful impact.

I aim to create and manage innovative, value-driven systems that contribute to making the world a better place. Bridging the technical with management and innovation, I bring a multidisciplinary perspective and attention to detail.

Through my platform and my work, I hope to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for others, especially those who often feel unheard or marginalized.

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