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Early Childhood Dental Care

Two years ago, I volunteered at Tzu Chi's Back-To-School giveaway where I participated in their mobile food pantry and handed out healthy produce to hundreds of lower-income families. When I was there, I was stunned by the number of families and especially younger children that I saw that did not have access to nutritious food on a daily basis. As I did more research I learned how food insecurity, which means they don't have access to enough food, is one of the largest contributors to children's tooth decay and how that is one of the largest issues going on currently in the U.S. especially during and after COVID. I developed a new toddler's toothpaste called SmileBrite for low-income communities that is low-cost, ingestible, safe, and eco-friendly. In addition, I created an educational dental program for parents in partnership with Tzu Chi Foundation's Mobile Dental Clinic. I presented my research proposal to an audience of judges, professional dentists, healthcare workers, politicians, and pharmaceutical companies and I am currently working with companies and dental clinics to implement my toothpaste design and program within the next year.


comprehensive and thorough 45-page research paper with literature review about the current solutions for combatting children's dental care in low SES communities and my solution to combat this issue


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